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San Francisco’s own cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sophya Morghem, answers your frequently asked questions about BOTOX post-treatment and aftercare.

+ When can I reapply my makeup after BOTOX® treatment?

So you can, if you’re careful. You want to make sure you’re not rubbing or massaging the area. And the reason is, you don’t want to displace the solution which can lead to an undesired effect with the BOTOX treatment.

+ Can I touch my face after my BOTOX® treatment?

You want to wait at least four hours if you want to do any sort of massaging. Ideally you want to wait 24 hours, it takes 2-4 hours to bind to the nerve.

+ Can I exercise after BOTOX® treatment?

You want to avoid any strenuous activity, any strenuous exercise, any inversions for 24 hours. You want to make sure you’re not
sweating out the solution, that’s a very expensive sweat session.

+ Am I allowed to drink alcohol after BOTOX® treatment?

So you absolutely can. The downside is, you’re more likely to bruise. If you drink alcohol anywhere between 24 to 72 hours before or after a BOTOX® injection, you can bruise at the injection site.

+ What happens if I get a bruise from a BOTOX® injection? How long will the bruise last?

Typically, it takes anywhere between 4-7 days for a bruise to go away after receiving BOTOX®.

+ Can I sleep on my side after BOTOX®?

You want to avoid laying down flat. You can lay at a 45 degree angle if you want to prop yourself up. But the reason that you don’t want to lay flat is you don’t want the solution to move, you don’t want to displace the solution away from the muscles we injected it in. So for the next four hours, you want to make sure
you’re doing something that’s not a workout and also something that’s like the other extreme like taking a nap. After those four hours you’re welcome to go ahead and go to sleep on your side or on your back or whatever you’re more comfortable with.