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Toothache During Coronavirus But Nothing Is Open

You might be wondering what to do. What you don’t want to do is go to the ER. They are overflowing with people who need urgent care and your ER doctor is not going to know what to do with you and your toothache. Although all dental offices were instructed to close during this COVID-19 pandemic until April 7, 2020, we are healthcare professionals that are available to you for emergencies. Dental offices are closed for elective and non-urgent care.

General Dentistry

Why Does It Hurt When I Bite Down After a Filling?

After a filling you might notice that your bite feels differently than it did before your dental appointment. Your dentist will check your bite at the end of your procedure but most of the time you are numb and can’t tell what feels “normal”. Once the numbness wears off, you might notice a change in your bite.

Sophya Morghem, DMD, MS


Dr. Sophya Morghem is a general dentist with an emphasis on conservative cosmetic dentistry and Botox treatment for TMJ pain. She helps to bring out your true, authentic self by accentuating your natural smile.

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