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Toothache During Coronavirus But Nothing Is Open

You might be wondering what to do. What you don’t want to do is go to the ER. They are overflowing with people who need urgent care and your ER doctor is not going to know what to do with you and your toothache. Although all dental offices were instructed to close during this COVID-19 pandemic until April 7, 2020, we are healthcare professionals that are available to you for emergencies. Dental offices are closed for elective and non-urgent care.



The office will be following the CDC’s recommendations as we learn more about the virus. We plan to preemptively close our practice for two weeks for those seeking elective and non-urgent care. We will keep you updated if this time frame will be extended beyond two weeks.


Dental Insurance

Almost all dental plans are a contract between your employer and an insurance company. Your employer and the insurer agree on the amount your plan pays and what procedures are covered. Often, you may have a dental care need that is not covered by your plan.

Sophya Morghem, DMD, MS


Dr. Sophya Morghem is a general dentist with an emphasis on conservative cosmetic dentistry and Botox treatment for TMJ pain. She helps to bring out your true, authentic self by accentuating your natural smile.

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