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Will getting Botox or Therapeutic Injectables for TMJ Pain change my smile?

The short answer is, no. You are not alone in thinking this as this is the number one question asked during Botox Consultations. Here’s how this works. The muscles that allow you to clench and grind, which contribute to most people’s TMJ pain, are not the same muscles that allow you smile. The two large muscles in your face, the masseter and temporalis, allow you to close your mouth.


Why can’t I take all my Invisalign aligners home?

We often get the question, I already paid for my aligners, why can’t I have all my aligners at once? This makes sense in theory however the missing link is this: your Invisalign treatment is more than a stack of plastic aligner trays. You are paying for your dentist’s training, experience, and expertise in moving your teeth using these aligners.

Sophya Morghem, DMD, MS


Dr. Sophya Morghem is a general dentist with an emphasis on conservative cosmetic dentistry and Botox treatment for TMJ pain. She helps to bring out your true, authentic self by accentuating your natural smile.

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