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Gummy Smile Treatment in San Francisco

We love your smile—but understand the reality that you may not. As San Francisco’s premier dental team for treating Gummy Smile, we are here to provide you straightforward solutions and plan to provide you with a smile you won’t be shy about.

A Gummy Smile is when your smile gums shows a bit more of your gum line then you’d like.

The majority of Gummy Smiles can be attributed to genetics. Gummy Smile can also be caused by simply having too much gum tissue.

There’s a few different ways to treat Gummy Smiles. One method is scaling and root planning, which consists of a deep clean allowing gumline inflammation to subside. Another method is to perform a gum lift and tooth crown lengthening.

Gummy Smile
Gummy Smile
Gummy Smile

Don’t be shy San Francisco

Gummy smile treatment is nothing to be embarrased about. Request an appointment online today, our team will work to get you scheduled and back on the road to wellness.