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What is TMJ Disorder?

Over 34 million people suffer from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder that causes pain upon moving the jaw joint. This can make eating and speaking painful. Teeth grinding (bruxism) and teeth clenching are often habits that occur in conjunction to this disorder but can also occur separately. Stress can trigger these habits and, for some, this becomes a constant and involuntary habit. Muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle mass/size) occurs by prolonged over use and contraction. Esthetically, this can lead to a wider and larger jawline area of the face.

How do the injectables work?

For some, treatment with a night guard is not enough. While this is great to protect the teeth from damage, it does nothing to stop the muscles from working. In some instances, people can clench more with a night guard in. BOTOX ® or Dysport™ therapy can be placed in these muscles that are over used.

Who can benefit from this?

For those that are still not experiencing relief from acupuncture, physical therapy, a custom night guard or night time appliance, or for those who cannot tolerate those, this can be of great benefit to you. Dr. Morghem herself has benefited from these treatments and can attest to the relief it can provide.

Treatment Relief and Expectations

This is currently a common, yet off-label use of BOTOX ® or Dysport™ therapy. Patients report a significant decrease in soreness, jaw tension, headaches, and muscle pain.

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