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Using Injectables to Relieve TMJ Disorder

Over 34 million people suffer from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder that causes pain upon moving the jaw joint. This can make eating and speaking painful. Teeth grinding (bruxism) and teeth clenching are often habits that occur in conjunction to this disorder but can also occur separately. Injectables therapy with treatments such as Botox can help. Here’s how.


How to whiten your teeth at home

Dr. Sophya Morghem breaks down the best ways on how to whiten your teeth at home and the realties of DIY whitening vs. teeth whitening at Sunset Dentistry.


Invisalign Virtual Care

We are excited to announce our ability to provide you with this new and limited release feature. This makes aligner checks and troubleshooting as easy as snapping photos from the comfort of your own home.


Virtual consult for aligner or retainer checks

This can occur with specific treatment plan types and this will be communicated to you by your provider. If you require interproximal polishing or close monitoring of difficult to move teeth, this is not an option. It is important to communicate to your provider the status of your current set of Invisalign aligners. Photos are the best method as Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts can appear pixelated.


Why can’t I take all my Invisalign aligners home?

We often get the question, I already paid for my aligners, why can’t I have all my aligners at once? This makes sense in theory however the missing link is this: your Invisalign treatment is more than a stack of plastic aligner trays. You are paying for your dentist’s training, experience, and expertise in moving your teeth using these aligners.

General Dentistry

Toothache During Coronavirus But Nothing Is Open

You might be wondering what to do. What you don’t want to do is go to the ER. They are overflowing with people who need urgent care and your ER doctor is not going to know what to do with you and your toothache. Although all dental offices were instructed to close during this COVID-19 pandemic until April 7, 2020, we are healthcare professionals that are available to you for emergencies. Dental offices are closed for elective and non-urgent care.



The office will be following the CDC’s recommendations as we learn more about the virus. We plan to preemptively close our practice for two weeks for those seeking elective and non-urgent care. We will keep you updated if this time frame will be extended beyond two weeks.

Sophya Morghem, DMD, MS


Dr. Sophya Morghem is a general dentist with an emphasis on conservative cosmetic dentistry and Botox treatment for TMJ pain. She helps to bring out your true, authentic self by accentuating your natural smile.

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