Laser Gum Treatment in San Francisco

Laser treatment for gums or periodontal laser therapy, allows the Sunset Dentistry team to use a dental laers to remove inflamed gum tissue around the tooth. There is reduced or no bleeding, minimized swelling, no charring, and no drill noise or vibration. The stress and anxiety often associated with dental work is therefore eliminated when you experience quick, effective, and essentially pain-free laser procedures.

Dental lasers are safe and in most cases, more accurate and precise at removing inflamed gum tissue than traditional methods.

Periodontal laser therapy is relatively pain-free compared to standard practices. Typically, the Sunset Dentistry team can avoid using general anesthetics during therapy. Recovery time from treatment is shorter and there is minimal bleeding and no stitches.

The Sunset Dentistry team recommends eating softer foods for the first week after laser gum treatment. You’ll want to avoid eating hard or crunchy foods like nuts, seeds or chips. Also, your gums may be more sensitive during the healing process so stay away from hot temperatures and spicy foods.

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